Company Overview
Flambeau, Inc. brings plastic to life for thousands of businesses and millions of professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts worldwide. From that first fishing lure, Flambeau has grown to encompass a diverse range of manufactured plastic products. Flambeau, Inc. and its divisions, in conjunction with other members of the Nordic Group of Companies, form a total resource network providing customer assistance in design and specifications of injection and blow molded thermoplastic components and products, building of tools and fixtures, and contract manufacturing of complete assemblies.

Our Core Values

The family is the most valuable institution in society. Good, strong families are the means through which responsible, caring, and thoughtful individuals are developed.

We revere truth and practice open and complete disclosure. We adhere to high ethical standards, report objectively, encourage disclosure of bad news, and welcome disagreement. We respect all people and treat them as we would like them to treat us.

We encourage individuals who possess the needed expertise and courage to step forward and provide guidance and support to others in order for us to progress. Leaders inspire, coach and challenge those around them. Anyone can be a leader. With the diverse environments we face, no one person is best suited to be "the leader" at all times. Sometimes the most difficult aspect about leadership is knowing when to follow.

Our company is a network of accomplished, skilled people, each with a necessary role. We are interdependent with one another and must trust each other so that each of us will fulfill our duties to meet our designated responsibilities and expectations. Because we are interdependent, when one of us fails, we fail each other, as well as ourselves. Similarly, when we succeed, we each have a part in that success.

We highly regard the need to remain current and relevant to our customers and their needs. We understand the only way to do so is to continually improve our products, our processes, and ourselves. Learning new skills and information is paramount to our continued success. We firmly believe knowledge is power, and we want our people to grow stronger by increasing knowledge every day.

We want motivated, educated and intelligent people who will achieve superior performance, seek improvement, be proud, have fun, and enjoy their work. We know there is no guarantee we will satisfy customers and beat out our competition unless we always strive to be the best. We must have high expectations of ourselves and of each other and hold ourselves accountable accordingly. We may never achieve "excellence," but the sincere, ongoing pursuit by itself may well provide for our future.
Company Summary
Flambeau Inc.
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Baraboo, WI